Process & Use-cases

Here’s how we do it

Consumer insights in just minutes

Search or Upload

Do a single search, upload a customer list for batch profiling or append to a Mailchimp audience

Connect to Big Data

We connect to multiple databases to create rich profiles for every customer from thousands of variables

Output the Insights

The output is a single profile or multiple profiles, cluster mapps and new Mailchimp merge fields

Consumer Insight = ROI

More relevant creative, messaging, personalization, targeting and conversion on all channels

How to use profiles and personas

Practical Applications

Better consumer insights means better conversion
and increased lifetime value of every customer

Understand individual customers

Prepare for your next conversation, meeting or interaction with every customer. Understanding how your customer thinks, lives and makes decisions helps you develop more genuine rapport.  Our data  can help you identify buying triggers, purchase motivators and provide insights to help you improve the customer experience throughout the buying journey.  Learn more about single profiles here.

Identify and personify your best customers

COMING SOON!  The Pareto Principle suggests that 80% of your revenues come from 20% of your customers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know who those 20% are?  That’s what Profile Ninja can do with batch appends.  We identify and create personas of your best customer types so you can market to them more effectively.  Why waste time and marketing dollars on the underperforming 80% that will find and buy from you anyway.  Focus on and find more of the 20% that really drive revenues.  This is how you scale.  Learn more about batch appends here.

Consumer & Market Segmentation

Knowing who your best customer segments are helps you make more informed creative, messaging and media channel decisions.  We can segment by a multitude of demographic, psychographic,  behavioral and lifestyle characteristics.  Our mapping tools allow you to see where customers cluster and live on a map.  Clustering allows you optimize geo-targeted social, paid search, display and  another other campaigns.  Clustering usually means this where your new customers live.  Remember that birds of a feature flock together – this is the foundation of how look-alike audiences are built.  Start with your first party data and get better results.

Email Marketing

Our integration with Mailchimp takes audience segmentation to the next level.  Take larger audience lists and filter them by over a dozen demographic, income, technology use and life stage variables to create hyper-targted and much more relevant campaigns that result in better ROI.  Learn more about our ChimpSync™ integration here.

Optimize Advertising: Social, PPC, Display, Direct

We start with your customer mailing addresses and connect to dozens of datasets to assemble 100% privacy complaint profiles of who they are, how they live, what they buy and how they make purchase decisions.  You’re already spending money on social, display, PPC, email, direct mail, print ads and other channels.  Profile Ninja gives you the deep insights and data to help you hone your audience, message and channel to optimize every customer campaign and interaction.




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