People-based marketing is here

Profile Ninja provides real-time data and insights on over 128 million households and over 250 million active consumers in the United States. Every business has customers and prospects.  We believe the more you understand them, the better you can serve their needs, the more you can sell and win them for life.

Don’t spend more. Just do what you’re doing better.

And it starts with first party data you already have.

Your customer addresses

We turn a mailing address into a rich profile that helps you understand every customer better

Enhanced segmentation

Identify and understand your best customer segments and optimize your marketing spend

Personalization and relevance

Deliver the right, message, to the right audience at the right time for higher conversions

Data democratization

Up until now available only to the largest of companies with the largest marketing budgets

Do you really know me?

I’m not like anyone else.  I’m different in many ways.   Do you know what I’ll buy and why?

  (Tap or mouseover to learn what makes me tick)   

Guess who just retired?

I fought in Desert Storm. I worked at the United States Postal Service for 26 years. My wife and I raised three daughters. I like building things. We own a timeshare in Florida.

What matters most?

I’m single, live downtown, listen to podcasts and I’m into fitness big time. I look for products from companies with a good environmental record.

You might be surprised

I have a PhD in Physics, just got married, live in the country and love Jimmy Fallon.  I love technology and use Groupon. I volunteer at the YWCA women’s shelter.

My friends call me Scap

I work in finance, make $80,000/year. I’m a foodie. I go to Starbuck’s every morning.  I’m not brand loyal. I can talk about football for hours.

Consumer Insights & Intelligence 4 Ways

Profile Ninja provides insights that foster genuine understanding, engagement and customer satisfaction.
This is what drives sales and customer lifetime value.

1. Single Profiles

Don't have that may customers or prospects? Or only need to understand just a few? This option is perfect for you. A single profile starts at only $0.60 and decreases the more you buy.

2. Batch Profiling

Have a few hundred or more customers or prospects you want to get to know better? Upload a list and we'll take care of the rest. Set up a free account and check our bulk pricing calculator for discounts.

3. MailChimp Integration

If you’re not personalizing email communications and sending them to the right audience, you're annoying your customers and leaving money on the table. This is where Profile Ninja really shines.

4. API CRMdirect™

If you have a CRM or other application or process that has customer records our API makes it easy to automatically append consumer insights in real-time.

Get a 360-degree view of your customer and sell more.

Watch the power of Profile Ninja

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Save 40% on your first project and get 10 free profiles when you join.

Use data and technology to enhance and personalize the customer experience

Get a 360-degree view of your customer and sell more.

Sample Profile:  See what you get with every profile.

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