Single & Batch Profiles

We offer two primary ways to append insights to your customer records

Single Profiles

If you just want to run ad hoc profiles, this is your best option.  Purchase a block of credits and use them as you need them.  Credits never expire.  Log in any time to review your profiles, download a printable PDF and locate your customer or prospect on a map.  A single profile starts at only $1.00 and decreases the more you buy.

[Single Profile Video]

Batch Profiles

If you have a customer or prospect database of any size, Profile Ninja will append rich insights and data to every record in your file.  Simply upload a CSV and we’ll notify you when the job is completed.  Log in any time to review your profiles, download PDFs, study buyer clusters on a map and even export the appended file. A single profile starts at only $1.00.

[Batch Profile Video]


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Use data and technology to enhance and personalize the customer experience

Profile Ninja provides insights that foster genuine understanding, engagement and customer satisfaction.  Get a 360-degree view of your customer and sell more.

Sample Profile – See what you get with every profile

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