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Email marketing can be your most cost-effective and profitable marketing channel if done right.  It can cost fractions of a penny per contact.  It can be deployed quickly, create a sense of urgency and drive revenues within minutes in some cases.  But open, click-through and conversion rates aren’t what they could be if you’re not personalizing and making your message/offer relevant to the right audiences.

This is where Profile Ninja really shines.

Our Mailchimp sync appends key demographic, income and other behavioral insights directly into your Mailchimp audiences.  Doing so allows you to create more personalized, segmented email campaigns and really hone your message and offer to the right audiences, thereby improving conversion rates.

How is this done?

If you already have a mailing address for your Mailchimp contact, it’s just a few clicks and MailSync™ will do the rest.

If you only have a first name, last name and email address, we’ll do a ‘reverse append’ and use our privacy compliant identify graph to find the address. Then we automatically append our data to every match we find in your Mailchimp audience.

What kind of segmentation is possible with MailSync™?

Let’s say you have a Mailchimp audience of 2,000 customers.  With MailSync™ you’ll be able to filter that list and create new customer segments by:

  • Household Income (i.e. specific values or ranges like $75,000 to $100,000)
  • Net Worth  – the value of assets as an indicator of affluence (i.e. Millionaires)
  • Age, marital status and presence of children
  • Education (i.e. high school, college, etc)
  • Occupation (i.e. blue collar, management, etc.)
  • Urbanicity (i.e. lives downtown, suburbs, etc.)
  • Technology Usage (i.e. low, heavy, light, etc.)

The result of segmentation is not only smaller lists and a more efficient spend, but better relevance, higher open and click-through rates, lower churn and increased lifetime value.  Right target, right message, right time = better conversion.  That’s what Profile Ninja and MailSync™ can do.

The power of audience segmentation | Video


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