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Join us in our journey to help you understand and find your next best customers.


Profile Ninja is a technology and data driven solutions provider.  We help business owners and marketers like you understand your customers better which helps you achieve one goal: acquire and retain more customers.  This is what drives profits and sustainable growth. The goal may be simple, but it isn’t always easy to achieve.

Our team do this by using the best data science and consumer segmentation modelling available in North America.  We then append data from hundreds of sources to help you understand individual consumers,  identify and develop profiles of your best customers, then find more of them at scale.

Needless to say you have to be wired a certain way and see the world differently than most.  Those who know us would agree.  Our team is led by founders Jim Kalogerakos and Scott Galambos.

Jim Kalogerakos, Founder | CEO

Jim is a creative problem solver that roots solutions in data and good dose of common sense.  He has served as a Census Commissioner and is a licensed user and distributor of hundreds of public and private data sets in North America for over 20 years. These are the same data and analytics tools that the Fortune 500 have been using for decades.  He figured it was time to bring them to the masses.

Scott Galambos, Founder | CTO

From the very first days of the internet, Scott has been building some pretty ingenious and applications and solutions for some pretty impressive clients including Lockheed Martin, Hewlett Packard, NCR, 3M, Brinks and the US Department of Transportation, to name a very few.  Scott is also an extremely resourceful and skilled software engineer and problem solver.  He never backs down from a problem that needs to be solved.

Together Jim and Scott are building the team and solutions to help marketers understand, acquire and retain customers, deliver value and drive long term growth and profitability.

Join us in our journey to help you understand and find your next best customers.

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