Frequently Asked Questions

How does Profile Ninja Work?

Profile Ninja employs the best consumer segmentation and data modeling systems in North America, as well as deterministic data from thousands of datasets, proprietary algorithms search, to rank and score tens of thousands of data variables in real-time.  We assemble this data to help you understand your customers and prospects better, find more of them and market to them more effectively.  Other than that, we can’t tell you much more.

What's included in a Profile?

Lots.  Everything from insights on income, net worth, household composition, education, employment and other demographic data.  We even include what are called ‘behaviors’ like hobbies, interests, where people shot, dine, what they watch, read and listen too.

You can download a sample here.

What does Profile Ninja cost?

There are a few parts to our pricing model:

  1. The CPM (Cost per thousand) which is the cost for each profile or append per thousand.   We use a credit system to facilitate à la carte data selection with some products. A profile costs 10 credits which is equivalent to 1 US dollar ($1.00).  When buy credits in bulk the CPM begins to decrease.  And credits never expire. You can log in and use them any time you need them.
  2. Monthly Fee (Dōjō) – We charge a monthly fee of $6.99 to for permanent access to your Dōjō which is your dashboard.  Your dashboard includes an archive of all your customer profiles, PDF downloads, mapping tools, and other administration features.  The mapping service is a great value add because it helps you understand where you customers live and how they cluster in neighborhoods.  Comparable mapping services charge $9.99 per month for mapping alone and limit customer counts.  We don’t.   Your fee will also include access to new tools and features as we add them.
  3. Monthly Fee (ChimpSync™) – Ongoing use of our Mailchimp integration is $9.99 per month.  This gets you real-time and automated data appends to every new contact you add to your Mailchimp audiences.  As you add new audiences you’ll be able sync and append data to that audience too.  This also includes access to a new reverse append feature coming soon.  When you don’t have full address of a contact we will use information you do have to find it.  Once we do, we can append data to that contact in real time too.

How can I use Profile Ninja Consumer Profiles?

Good question.  Many ways. If you’re doing email marketing, ChimpSync™ will let you create new customer segments for more personalized and relevant campaigns.  If you’re advertising on Facebook, profiles can help you understand customer demographics and interest better so you can target the right audiences in your campaigns.  The same goes with PPC and display ads.  Knowing our customers better also helps you craft your messages and offers more effectively making them more relevant, thereby improving conversion rates.  Profile Ninja insights helps hone and improve what you’re already doing.   This optimizes your marketing investment.   You don’t have to spend more. Just spend smarter.

If you have customer database, append our profiles to each record and have the information you need during your next in-personal, email or phone interaction.

You can also use our data and profiles to find more of your best customers, on and offline.  Give us a ring and we’ll show you how.

What data and insights are available?

Terabytes and terabytes of data.  We help you profile and find more of your best customers by lifestyles, shopping behaviors and media usage with intelligent insights on what they choose and why they buy. Modelled data includes rich and comprehensive insights about consumer behaviors, shopping patterns and media preferences, technology habits and household assets.  Personally identifiable information includes self-reported data on everything from brand preferences, hobbies, interests, online purchases and financial information.

Is your data privacy compliant?

Absolutely, yes!  Some data are de-identified and anonymized. Some are aggregated and modelled. Other data are self-reported with consent-to-use. All consumers have the opportunity to expunge their data with our data partners directly at any time they wish.

We are continuously vetting new data sources to deliver even more powerful insights and value to your decisioning.   As we bring on new data suppliers, we will notify our customers accordingly.

Consumer privacy and protection legislation continues to evolve and we continuously monitor changes that may or may not affect the services we provide.  If they do we will notify all our customers in jurisdictions affected.

Is Profile Ninja suitable for call centers?

Definitely. Actually, call-center applications are ideal. Turn awkward sales, service or collection calls into more pleasant and productive interactions and results for both parties. Our data also helps you hone your messaging and offer so it’s more relevant.

How about non-profit organizations?

Non-profits are another great use-case! When you understand your clients, donors, participants and other stakeholders better, you can deliver better services. Commuincations become more targeted and relevant, forstering improved engagement. Looking for sponsors? Profile Ninja provides the spending and behavioral insights you can use to source and partner with the right sponsors.

Do you offer custom solutions?

Yes. Profile Ninja is just one of several data related services we provide. We’ve also built solutions for a variety of clients in different industries. Call or email us with some preliminary details and we’ll assess if there’s a fit with your needs and our expertise.

Cancellation and Refunds

You can cancel any time.   We don’t lock you into long term contracts or commitments.  Our policy is that we do not offer refunds on prepaid credit purchases.  We suggest you use your credits before you cancel.  If your situation is unique please contact as with details.

I’m not black and white

I’m much more colorful and live a rich, vibrant lifestyle.  Get to know who I am with Profile Ninja.

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